Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jeju Summer Band Festival

So now I'm settled in back home in Jeju. I've got my internet connection set up at home and will finally be able to post some pictures.

Last night I went to go check out the International Band Festival over at the Seaside Concert Hall and was treated to a fantastic show. Starting out, the Georg Solti Brass Ensemble from Hungary played. They were very good and played some obscure stuff but ended with some sweet jazz numbers. Afterwards, the Incheon Wind Ensemble played in combination with the Seogwipo Municipal band. They played some fantastic songs including some of my favorites, including the Overture to Candide and the 1812 Overture. They also played a couple of Korean pieces with a vocalist. Unfortunately, they killed the mood by playing the 'Titanic' song with a cheesy sax soloist. It was a great show overall though and I was glad I went. The picture above is from last weekend when I went and saw the Halla Wind Ensemble play at the same place.

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